Merit-Based Aid

The Humphrey School considers admitted applicants who apply by the December 15 or January 15 application deadlines for a variety of merit-based aid awards. Merit-based aid is competitive at the School, and is typically awarded in mid-March.

Applicants are encouraged to review the aid opportunities and corresponding application deadlines. Please note: applicants who submit complete applications by the deadlines outlined below who are not admitted at the time merit-based aid offers are extended will not be considered.

University-Wide Graduate Fellowships

Students who submit a completed application by December 15 and are subsequently admitted will be considered for the following University fellowship programs. Applicants are nominated by the Humphrey School admissions committee based on materials provided in the admissions application. While there is no separate application necessary to be considered for nomination, the Office of Admissions may request selected nominees to submit additional statements, forms, or recommendations.

Please note: These fellowships have deadlines that may differ from the December 15 deadline noted here, but that is the deadline required by the Humphrey School in order to allow sufficient time for reviewing application materials for admission and determining nominees for the fellowship programs.

DOVE Fellowship

Administered by the Office for Diversity in Graduate Education (ODGE), the DOVE Fellowship Program seeks to assist graduate programs to promote a diversity of views, experiences, and ideas in pursuit of research, scholarship, and creative excellence. Applicants admitted to the following Humphrey School degree programs may be considered for nomination: MS-STEP and PhD. Read more about the DOVE Fellowship.


The Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change offers fellowships that provide financial support for graduate students with backgrounds and interests committed to the interdisciplinary study of the Global South in the context of global change. Applicants admitted to the following Humphrey School degree programs may be considered for nomination: MDP, MHR, and PhD. Read more about ICGC Fellowships

Charles R. Krusell Fellowship

The Charles R. Krusell Fellowship is designed to increase the supply of highly trained community development professionals from indigenous communities and communities of color, to improve the representation of communities of color in agencies that serve those communities, and provide hands-on work experience to ensure students are prepared to meet the challenges in this ever-evolving field. Students applying to the MURP or MPP programs and interested in this opportunity will need to apply and submit additional information. Learn how to apply to the Krusell Fellowship

Humphrey-Based Aid

Merit based aid is awarded by the Humphrey School Office of Admissions and is competitive. Students who submit a completed application by January 15 and are subsequently admitted will be considered for Humphrey School merit-based aid. All merit-based aid offers are typically announced in mid-March, and applicants must be admitted by that time in order to be considered.


While a limited amount of assistantships are awarded through the Humphrey School merit based aid process, the majority of assistantships are posted and available outside of this process, and graduate students apply for these positions as they would any other advertised position with the University. Types of assistantships include:

  • Administrative Fellow: May involve responsibilities such as advising undergraduates or performing administrative support/research functions (development, student services, etc.). The Humphrey School occasionally offers a limited amount of administrative positions for graduate students.
  • Research Assistantship: The most common type of assistantship, which is connected with a faculty project or University research center.
  • Teaching Assistantships: Typically available for second-year students to assist in various Humphrey School core courses, however, first-year students may be eligible to assist in departments outside of the Humphrey School (depending on their undergraduate degree and previous experience).

Terms and benefits for assistantships can vary depending on the type and appointment, but typically include tuition benefits, an hourly wage, health coverage, and in-state tuition waivers for non-Minnesota residents, and can last for a single semester or more. More information on assistantships can be found at the Graduate Assistant Employment Services.