Internship Grants: Center on Women, Gender, and Public Policy

The Center on Women, Gender and Public Policy typically awards one or two grants in the amount of $1,500-$2,000 per summer to encourage students to:

  • work with grassroots feminist organizations that lack the resources to pay an intern
  • enhance students' abilities to pursue job placements closely related to their career goals
  • provide financial support for students who might otherwise choose to waive the internship requirements
  • serve the women's community


Any student currently enrolled in good standing in the master's program in planning; public policy; human rights; or science, technology, and environmental policy at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs is eligible to apply. Students who have already fulfilled the internship requirement are not eligible.

Application Procedures

Applications are due May 3 in Room 255, Humphrey School. Awards will be announced within two weeks of the deadline. Please provide the following information:

  1. A 1 to 2-page description of your internship project. Please describe what you want to do, the expected outcome or product of this work, what background you bring to this work, why you have chosen this particular organization, and what this experience will add to your professional development. On a separate page, please provide the following financial information: any compensation you will receive from the organization, any additional costs you will incur (for example, travel expenses or research-related expenses), the level and type of financial support you have received from the Humphrey School and the U of M, and any other financial support you have received for the internship (Judd, MacArthur, Human Rights Center, etc.).
  2. A letter of commitment from the organization. This letter should describe the resources that the organization will commit to the project as well as the person who will be your primary contact. A brief explanation of the ways in which the organization intends to make use of your work would also be helpful. (Please note that organizations which pay some interns in similar positions will not be eligible.)
  3. A copy of your graduate academic transcript. A copy 'released to student' is fine.
  4. Please collect these items into one packet and deliver them to: Christina Ewig, Room 255, Humphrey School.


The sponsoring organization is a feminist organization, broadly defined, or the internship is a feminist project in a non-feminist organization. Students will be required to complete a report on the internship for our web page.

Center on Women, Gender, and Public Policy

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