Chair of the Minnesota GOP, Jennifer Carnahan, Professor Christina Ewig, Professor Kathryn Pearson, and Chair of the Minnesota DFL, Ken Martin.

Minnesota GOP Chair Jennifer Carnahan, Professor Kathryn Pearson, Professor Christina Ewig, and Minnesota DFL Chair Ken Martin at a CWGPP event on the role of parties in women candidates’ political success.

The Center on Women, Gender and Public Policy (CWGPP) engages students, faculty, the public, and decision-makers of all genders in dialogue with the objective of clarifying the ways in which public policies impact gender equality and equity. We engage through regular public events, the multimedia blog platform The Gender Policy Report (GPR), and partnerships with local and national organizations. Much of our research is also policy-engaged.

Center Events 

The CWGPP hosts a variety of events that engage the university community and broader publics on topics of contemporary concern related to women and gender.

Each year on March 8, the CWGPP leads the Humphrey School’s celebration of International Women’s Day. In 2019, CWGPP partnered with Tiwahe Foundation and Native Governance Center to develop a full day conference on the theme “Indigenous Women Have Always been Leaders.” 

Gender, Sex, and Policy Event Committee (GSPEC)

The Center supports this student-led Humphrey committee that sponsors events that highlight gender and sexuality-related issues and their intersection with public policy. Please visit the GSPEC website for more information and follow GSPEC on Facebook for regular updates and event notices.

The Gender Policy Report

The Gender Policy Report produces and disseminates gender-focused analyses of emerging US federal policy proposals. Decidedly intersectional in its approach, the mission of the GPR is to harness increased interest among academic researchers to impact policy and build their capacity to bring the best insights from scholarship and research to policy makers, journalists, and civil society in a way that is timely for addressing serious policy challenges.

Gender Diversity in the Judiciary

The CWGPP partners with the Infinity Project and leaders in the legal sector (judges, academics, lawyers, and others) in a seven state network that works on several levels to understand, design, and support efforts to increase gender and racial diversity on the state and federal bench within the Eighth Circuit region.

Women’s Economic Security Coalition

The CWGPP is a founding, core member of the Minnesota Women’s Economic Security Act (WESA) Coalition, providing research and policy design support leading to the passage of 2014 Women's Economic Security Act. The Coalition continues to hold regular summits focused on women of color and economic security, monitors implementation of the Act and fosters ongoing conversations about additional policy initiatives.

Center on Women, Gender, and Public Policy

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