Urban Water and Food Systems

Our projects explore the food/energy/water nexus from an urban systems perspective. We explore the impact on the environment of providing food, water, and energy to more than half of the world’s people living in cities today, with an emphasis on case studies of cities in the United States, China, and India.

We’re also exploring the impact of alternate urban food systems such as local food production—through urban agriculture, farmers markets, etc.—on environmental sustainability, health, and well-being. We work actively with local food councils and farmers markets.

Research and Projects

  • "Scaling Up" Urban Agriculture to Mitigate Food-Energy-Water (FEW) Impacts, National Science Foundation Workshop Grant, University of Michigan ($69,000)
  • Big Data Transparency in Global Food Supply, University of Minnesota Grand Challenge Research Grant ($96,000)
  • Sustaining Food Production, Health, and the Environment, University of Minnesota Grand Challenge Research Grant ($147,000)
  • Twin Cities Farmers Market Metrics Project, the Data Harvest, Institute on the Environment Mini Grant
  • Scoping Study to Design a Water Congress ($25,000)

Publications and Policy Engagement

Faculty: Anu Ramaswami,  Mark Reiner