Technology Innovation and Policy

Innovation is the key driver of change in economic, social, and environmental spheres. As challenges arise in these domains of policy, governance of new technologies and the policies that shape the direction of technological change are of prime interest. This initiative explores the design and evaluation of policies to accelerate innovation and steer technological change towards the common good.

Our researchers have a deep understanding of technologies in many sectors, in particular energy, and draw on a wide array of social science disciplines.

Research and Projects

  • Innovation for sustainable development: Examining frameworks and case studies of innovation systems in the context of sustainable development
  • Reforming the United States National Laboratories: Empirical evaluation of technology commercialization policy of public research laboratories
  • International collaboration in energy research and development: Frameworks and big data for understanding the patterns and institutions shaping the global energy innovation system
  • Minnesota Broadband Networks

Publications and Policy Engagement

  • Convened a multidisciplinary group of leaders, researchers, and scholars from academia, industry, and government to explore the current status and future visions, ethics, law, and policy in the area of social robotics.
  • Convened the 2015 Minnesota Broadband Networks Conference

Faculty: Gabe Chan, Steve Kelley

Center for Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy

Humphrey School of Public Affairs
301 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455