STEP Event Series

In addition to workshops and lectures hosted by the Center throughout the semester, students are encouraged to participate in the annual STEP-FAR seminar series and Boreas Leadership Program.

STEP-FAR Seminar Series

Science Technology and Environmental Policy Feedback and Research (STEP-FAR) is designed for students, staff, faculty, and fellows to get together in an informal setting to discuss their projects, research-in-progress, opportunities, and a variety of other issues related to science, technology, environment, energy, and policy. It is a bi-weekly seminar taking place throughout the academic year.

Boreas Leadership Program

The Boreas Leadership Program trains and develops the next generation of world changers to catalyze social and environmental solutions. Hosted by the Institute on the Environment, Boreas offers co-curricular leadership development opportunities that build on the strengths of graduate education to create effective change agents.

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