Urban & Regional Planning

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Urban and regional planning is one of Humphrey School's strongest areas of expertise. Humphrey students build a strong foundation in public action, political context, and the social and economic implications of urban planning. They understand the role of place in creating policy and recognize the diverse systems that form and impact urban and regional environments.  The primary degree program associated with this area of expertise is the Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP), however other academic programs also offer students an opportunity to study urban and regional planning issues. 

Urban and Regional Planning Area Chair

Associate Professor Ryan Allen

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Associated Research Centers

The State and Local Policy Program engages in research and public education in the broad policy areas of transportation and economic development. Recent activity includes work on value pricing, rural vitality, knowledge clusters, corridor design, rural safety, and transportation technology.

"If you want to be boss, you go to the Humphrey." Terra Cole (MURP '16) describes how the Humphrey School made her feel at home and brought out her best.