Undergraduate Early Admissions

Program Eligibility

Eligibility for the Early Admissions Program is selective. In addition to being a currently enrolled undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota, most competitive applicants will possess the following at the time of application:

  • At least 75 undergraduate credits (completed or in progress at the time of application)
  • A 3.5 or higher undergraduate GPA
  • While no specific experience or academic pathway is required, students with a strong liberal education background and sound quantitative and analytical skills will be best prepared for academic success at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Previous coursework in mathematics, statistics, and economics is recommended.
  • Applicants applying to the MS-STEP Early Admissions program should be working toward completing a degree or taken advanced-level coursework in the natural or engineering sciences prior to their full enrollment into the Humphrey School.

How to Apply

All applicants to Humphrey School Early Admissions Programs should follow the same application process as applicants to the master's degree programs

When completing the online application, applicants must confirm they are applying as an undergraduate student interested in being considered for the Early Admissions Program for the chosen master's degree program: MPP, MURP, or MS–STEP.

Tuition and Financial Aid

As long as you are an undergraduate student in another University of Minnesota college, you will pay that rate of tuition for courses you take in the Humphrey School. For more information on current tuition and fees please refer to One Stop

Merit-based Aid

By enrolling in the Early Admissions Program, students will benefit from completing their graduate degree in a shorter amount of time, resulting in a savings of approximately more than $22,000 in academic expenses (based on 2014-15 tuition).

Due to the unique and significant financial benefit of the program, students admitted to an Early Admission program are not eligible for merit-based aid through the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Students wishing to be considered for merit-based aid opportunities should apply through the regular admissions program by the appropriate admissions deadlines. 

Need-based Aid

All qualified students pursuing a master’s degree at the Humphrey School are eligible for financial aid in the form of federal loans up to the total estimated cost of attendance (COA) minus any other scholarships, grants, or other funding. Eligibility for need based aid is determined through the submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the University’s OneStop Student Services Office

Incoming and current Humphrey School students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program. Many Humphrey School graduates pursue careers in the public and/or nonprofit sectors, and as a result, may qualify this program.


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