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Congestion Pricing Listserv


The Congestion Pricing (CON-PRIC) listserv, a mailing list devoted to topics related to congestion pricing, provides information and communication between members. Discussions cover congestion pricing projects and related topics in the United States and around the world. The listserv is managed by the State and Local Policy Program at the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

Membership to the listserv is free.

The mailing list provides academics and professionals a quick and convenient opportunity to inform, update, and discuss projects occurring throughout the nation. Subscribers receive all messages sent to the mailing list by other subscribers. Internet access and email browser are required for subscription and use.

Some of the many congestion pricing or road pricing items that are of interest to the listserv participants include:

  • Updates of current events and activities
  • New research concerning equity, efficiency, land use, and other issues
  • Summaries of public response to congestion pricing projects
  • Lessons and concerns regarding implementing congestion pricing programs

Presently there are approximately 225 listserv subscribers representing more than 15 countries.


The Congestion Pricing listserv is a forum that encourages participation and discussion from all points of view. This forum should also be a valuable information resource for all. Given the high number of subscribers and the wide variety of interests, however, some guidelines for discussion and participation prove to be essential:

  • Please post only information relevant to the listserv. Detailed, private and off-topic dialogues between individual subscribers should be carried out using individual emails.
  • Stick to the topic. The range of possibilities is admittedly wide, but please avoid political or private debates.
  • Be aware that whatever your posts will be received by more than 200 subscribers. Keep mail inflation and frustration low.
  • There will be no insults, name-calling, put-downs or other inappropriate behavior on this list.

Subscribe / Unsubscribe

To subscribe to the list, please send an email to and include the word "subscribe" in the subject line. In the body of the email, please include your name, title and affiliation. Requests for subscription are normally handled within 24 hours of receipt.

To cancel your subscription to the list, send an email to with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line. Requests for cancelation are normally processed within 24 hours of receipt.


Previous messages are available in the listserv archive.

Please direct questions or comments to