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State and Local Policy Program


eWorkPlace is a state-sponsored initiative for Twin Cities' area businesses that fosters teleworking.

Giving Minnesota a Competitive Advantage

eWorkPlace is a state-sponsored program for metropolitan-area employers to reduce congestion on the highways in and around Minneapolis-St. Paul by encouraging employers (big or small, private, public, or nonprofit) to offer employees the option to telework.  Teleworking enables employees to work from home or a remote location and connect to the office, coworkers, and clients via the Internet and other technology. The program goal is to recruit and retain over 2,700 participants.

Telework is the only work arrangement that is known to not only reduce highway congestion, but also provide ongoing benefits for employers, employees, and the community—benefits that extend beyond the employer's bottom line to include employees and the community in far-reaching ways.

eWorkPlace Final Report

eWorkPlace Final Report (with appendices)